Workshop Facility

Automobile restoration is the process and goal of returning a car to the exact condition it was when it was first offered for sale. Auto Restorations’ skilled workforce ensure each and every step of our work is completed to the highest standard. Each department of our facility is equipped with the specialised machinery, tools and raw materials required to enable us to restore cars efficiently and cost effectively. Adding value to this mix, the highly tuned culture of collaboration within the facility ensures the optimum workflow is coordinated for every restoration.

Bent, rusty, fatigued or incomplete, all bodywork defects are expertly repaired in our shop. New panels are made in steel or aluminium using an English Wheel or Pullmax where appropriate. Repair patches are formed and butt-welded in place. Louvres can be made in bonnets. All doors, bonnets and boot lids are expertly fitted to achieve even gaps. see more

Auto Restorations

Our well equipped and expertly staffed machine shop allows us to make or recondition almost any mechanical part we need to restore a car. From a king pin to an engine block, we can machine them all in-house. We re-metal or make new white metal (babbitt) bearings. Bugatti Brescia “banana” tappets are a specialty. We re-metal the tappet blocks and supply new tappets from stock. see more

Auto Restorations

Our craftsmen work in a modern, purpose-built refinishing facility equipped with a Seetal spray booth. The combination of highly-skilled, dedicated personnel using the right equipment and best quality materials results in award-winning paint finishes that are the utmost in appearance and durability. see more

As well as restoring existing bodies, new bodies can be constructed from scratch using techniques appropriate to the age of the chassis. These techniques include traditional wooden-framed coachbuilding with steel or aluminium panels and tubular-framed aluminium-panelled superleggera methods. Existing designs can be re-created from drawings or photographs, or entirely new designs can be created to a customer’s brief. see more

All aspects of the coachbuilders’ art are practiced here. These include repair and construction of wooden and metal body frames. We also repair, make and fit windscreen frames, door hinges and locks, window mechanisms, hood bows, etc. see more

All mechanical repairs are undertaken including engine tuning, clutch and brake overhauls, rebuilding of suspension, steering, gearboxes, rear axles, carburettors, distributors, starter motors and generators. Rewiring and electrical upgrades such as fitting turn signals are also done. see more

Preparation and tuning of historic race cars have always been part of Auto Restorations’ activities. Services include overhaul and maintenance of braking, steering and suspension systems, installation of safety equipment, engine tuning, track testing at Ruapuna Raceway, and track support for clients racing their cars. Decades of experience with such makes as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Delage, Talbot Lago and Aston Martin contribute to our expertise in this field. see more

Auto Restorations

Vintage car and aircraft radiators repaired, re-cored and manufactured in brass, copper and German Silver. see more

Do you have a car to restore?

As well as our New Zealand customers, Auto Restorations has customers in Australia, USA, Japan, Britain and Switzerland, among other countries. Cars may be sent to us by air freight or, more usually, by sea in shipping containers. Customers can arrange their own shipping or we can organise it all from our end. Containers are delivered to and collected from our own premises so nobody handles your car but Auto Restorations’ careful staff. Our company has an agreement with New Zealand Customs which allows us to temporarily import cars for restoration without incurring any duty or taxes.

Please contact us to prepare us to talk to you about your project.