Custom Coachwork

Creating a masterpeice

As well as restoring existing bodies, new bodies can be constructed from scratch using techniques appropriate to the age of the chassis. These techniques include traditional wooden-framed coachbuilding with steel or aluminium panels and tubular-framed aluminium-panelled superleggera methods. Existing designs can be re-created from drawings or photographs, or entirely new designs can be created to a customer’s brief.

Meet your Custom Coachwork Team

Harry Dawber

Harry started with us in 2017 as our panel apprentice he completed his panel apprenticeship in 2021. Harry grew up working on cars with his

Jason Dijkstra

Jason or Dijkstra as he is known around the shop, has been with us since 2012. He is a valued member of our panel team

Bob Sterling

Bob has served an impressive 27 years with us in our panel team. He is somewhat of the silent assassin around the shop  tinkering away

Glen Moore

Glen is our resident ‘Chippy’ so it’s only natural that this has become his nickname around the shop. He joined (pardon the pun) our Panel

Martin Brennan

Martin is the newest member to our Panel team. He started back in April and has been a great addition to the workshop! Outside of

Jason Johnston

Jason or JJ, as he’s known around the shop, has been on our panel team for 9 years as our 2IC. In his spare time