Development of the MGB started in 1958 as the EX205. With its monocoque design being a fresh departure for MG away previous body on chassis designs. First on the market as a roadster in 1962, with the GT coupe following in 1965. The design was extremely popular and very versatile, with the initial 4-cylinder configuration being supplemented with 6 and 8-cylinder options later in life. With over half a million 4-cylinder cars made over an eighteen-year period, the MGB is one of the most loved and well recognised sports cars of the 20th century.

This car.

This 1966 car came to us as a tidy driver, that was showing signs of its age. The owner requested we strip the car to bare metal and correct any panel work indiscretions. He desired an arrow straight lines on the car with a very high standard of paint finish. The mechanicals also required a birthday. The Roadster is now gleaming in its original colour of Tartan Red and ready for another 53 plus years of motoring.