1955 Messerschmitt KR175 Kabinenroller


Post world war two, Messerschmitt found themselves, like many other German companies, in the position of having to find new products to take up their manufacturing capacity, as they were constrained by Allied restrictions.

In 1948 Fritz Fend approached Messerschmitt with an idea to produce a modified version of an invalid carriage that he had designed and manufactured. From this association came the Kabinenroller. First as the KR175 (1953-55) and then as the KR200 (1955-64). Kabinenrollers were made initially by Messerschmitt up to 1956 and then by a new company FMR until 1964, with approx. 41,000 in total being manufactured.

This car

Sold new in New Zealand, and in one family for most of its life, this KR175 was showing the signs of a lot of hard work when it was delivered to us. Very rusty, and with fibreglass patch repairs. It was in need of a lot of repair work. A strong club scene in Europe meant that many new parts were still available for the car, which aided its restoration. With a new floor and many hours of panel work and mechanical repairs, the car is now resplendent in a lovely coat of bright red paint, and ready once again for the road.