Lamborghini Espada


Ferruccio Lamborghini was born into a family of viticulturists in Northern Italy. A mechanically minded lad, he spent more time in the shed than tending the land. Following WW2, Lamborghini could see that farm machinery was required to get Italy back on its feet. He started Lamborghini Trattori building tractors and machinery from war surplus parts. An astute businessman, Lamborghini developed the business into a huge agricultural concern. As the result of a feud with Enzo Ferrari over clutch problems in his Ferrari, Lamborghini decided that he could make a better Grand Tourer, and Automobili Lamborghini was born. The rest, as they say is history.

The Espada is the second 2+2 sold by the company, with it slightly overlapping the 400 GT 2+2. With a production run spanning 10 years the Espada is one of the most successful models for the company. From 1968 till 1978 a little over 1200 of the long low tourers were made through 2 facelifts.  A mix of supercar performance and hatchback practicality, the Espada is car that is very easy to live with.


This car,

Was exported from the UK to Dunedin early in the 1970s in its original Metallic Silver. A colour change to green took place early in its NZ residency and then a shift to Christchurch saw another change to Pearlescent White.  Auto Restorations were tasked with stripping the car, repairing panels and painting the car in its now vivid green hue. A change from the worn Black interior the lovely fresh Tan was also undertaken. An under bonnet freshen up and the fitment of power steering a few of the other enhancements undertaken.

A breath-taking car in its “So Right” colour scheme, the Espada is now ready for many miles of comfortable grin inspiring motoring.