BMW Isetta


BMW were in a tricky situation following WW2. Treaties restricted them from the manufacture of military hardware and their pre-war upmarket car models found few buyers in war ravaged Germay. Their saving grace came in the form of the little Isetta micro car made under licence from ISO of Italy. This low-cost bubble car found willing buyers and helped get the company back on it’s feet again. BMW fitted an adapted 4 stroke motorcycle engine into the car to replace the ISO 2 stroke unit and the 300cc model that followed had restyled side windows and head lights. Over 160,000 of the little cars were sold in both 250 and 300cc forms between 1955 and 1962.

This car

This car, is and early example of the 250cc model, which is very similar in design to the ISO model. The car has been imported into NZ with an emigrating Englishman who has owned the car for a number of years. He has commissioned Auto Restorations to return the car to its original glory.