Aston Martin DB4


The Aston Martin DB4 replaced the DB2/4 Mark 3. The body was a complete redesign from the earlier model, with more modern flowing lines. The engine was enlarged to 3.6L from the previous 2.9L. The DB4 was made for five years, 1958 to 1963, and had five series designations. In late 1959 the GT model was introduced, with a shorter wheelbase, more powerful engine and covered headlamps. As an offshoot of this competition model came the Vantage, which, although long wheel base, had an uprated 3 carburettor engine and the covered headlamps. In the DB4 Vantage could be seen the classic lines of the model that it would evolve into, the iconic Aston Martin DB5.


This car

We received this car looking presentable, but showing signs of activity under the surface. Paint removal exposed a myriad of issues with the aluminium panels and the steel supporting frame. Carrozzeria Touring’s “Superleggera” aluminium over steel body construction system which Aston Martin used on the DB series cars, can lead to corrosion issues where the metals meet. And that was certainly the case here. There was also historical accident damage to rectify. All the aluminium panels have been removed from the frame and repaired. The frame has been repaired, painted and the panels replaced. The mechanical components have all been repaired and reconditioned.  All the major parts are now assembled onto the car.