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Ferrari 330 GTC

Autobody Notes

Steel body over tubular steel frame.

Specific History of This Car

Soon after its introduction at the 1966 Geneva Auto Show the Ferrari 330 GTC coupé had earned a reputation as the ‘best all around’ Ferrari—the look was elegant, the steering light at most every speed, the interior comfortable, the ride superb, the engine well mannered. It was truly a Ferrari one could use every day.

Pininfarina designed and built the GTC’s steel body, successfully blending the general design of the 275 GTS with the front-end treatment of the 500 Superfast, Car and Driver’s summary of the car’s appearance: “Class”

Underneath is the 2.4m chassis found on the 275 GTB and GTS, the engine is the 300 horsepower 4.0-litre V-12. The gearbox was mounted at the rear, as on the 275 GTB, for better weight distribution. The GTC also had independent rear suspension.