1965 Ford Mustang Notchback


At the start of the sixties, Ford were gearing up to make a two-seater sports car to take on the European imports and the Chevrolet Corvette. Ford decided that a four-seater car would attract more customers, and after raiding the Falcon parts bin, the Mustang was born in mid-1964. Available in three body styles and many trim levels, the car was an immediate success, spawning such competitors as the Chevrolet Camaro, Plymouth Barracuda, AMC Javelin to name a few. The Mustang is still in production 5 generations on, indicating that Ford had and still has the formula right.

This car;

Is an early production 65 car, sometimes known as a 64 ½. The owners have commissioned Auto Restorations to give the car a more aggressive persona. We are updating the vehicle to be both a road and track car. An uprated engine, more powerful brakes and better controlled suspension will give the car a competition edge.

We are converting the car to right-hand drive, retaining all the heating and ventilation systems in the process. A roll cage will be fabricated and fitted for added security on the track. The final product will be a fun package for race or rally, with the correct period look.