1951 Ferrari 212 Inter, Pinin Farina Coupe


The 212 Ferrari was first produced in 1951 as an evolution of the 195. With the engine expanded to 2.6 litre from the 195’s 2.3 litre, the power output was now an impressive 165hp with the triple Weber setup, which was fed to the rear axle through a five-speed gearbox. The chassis is tubular with independent front suspension via a transverse leaf spring and a live rear axle suspended by four 1/2 elliptic leaf springs.  A little over eighty were produced, being a mix of Coupes and Spyders.

This car

This car 0229e is an aluminium bodied coupe by Pinin Farina, and is the first Ferrari coupe to be made by the great design house. Although appearing very presentable when we received the car, it didn’t bear close inspection. We are nearing the end of a full restoration, with final trimming and detailing remaining. A lovely smooth driving, well rounded car.