Packard Woody Station Wagon


The 22nd Series of Packard Automobiles was introduced in 1948. In comparison to the Clipper automobiles, they were wider and also available as a station wagon or ‘Station Sedan’ option. The Station Sedan was the most expensive of the short-wheelbase Packards at the time. The substructure was comprised of steel and augmented by wood frames, and wood panels on the door and upper portions of the body.

In 1947, Packard produced 126 examples of the 22nd Series Station Sedan. Production increased to 3,266 in 1948. Production continued into 1949, though a few remaining units were sold as 1950 models. Station wagons would not return to the Packard line-up until 1957 and 1958.

Performance Upgrades

Not everybody wants their car restored to the way it left the factory, especially if it’s a mass-produced model of which many examples still exist. This Packard’s owner wanted a woody wagon to tow his classic wooden speedboat, with power, brakes and handling to modern standards. To this end we installed a 502 Chevrolet engine and matching transmission, 4-wheel dual-circuit disc brakes, power steering and upgraded suspension. Air conditioning was also installed to enhance passenger comfort. Such custom engineering is well within our scope. This is a perfect example of how our in-house design and machining facility adds to the premium range of services we can offer our customers.