1948 Delahaye 135M Vesters and Nierinck Cabriolet


Delahaye started in 1894 making very basic single and twin cylinder cars. The cars proved popular and the company grew. Over the years Delahaye made some technically interesting vehicles, but the bulk of their income was from commercial vehicles. The 135 range started in 1935, with a 3.2 litre pushrod 6 cylinder, that was clothed an array of body designs from various well known coachbuilders. Delahaye had a great deal of competition success with the 135 pre-war, but less so post-war. After WW2 the 135M came into the range with an enlarged 3.6 litre engine. And this morphed into the 235 in 1952, which was the final model with the company disappearing into Hotchkiss in 1954.


This car.


This car has the distinction of being a one off. Belgium coachbuilders, Vesters and Nierinck, made two bodies on Delahaye 135m chassis.  Both cabriolets, the first was in 1946 and the second, this car, in 1948. This car was displayed on the V&N stand at the 1948 Brussels’s motors show and won first prize at the at the Concours d’ Elegance Vichy Town later in the year.  The car travelled to the US some time later, possibly with a US service man, and ended up spending most of its life in a Long Island basement car park.

Having suffered badly from this time underground we are now in the process of bringing her back to her former glory as a Concours class car.