1936 Aston Martin 15/98


Aston Martins 15/98 model came into being in 1936. Developed from the very successful 1500cc model range, the 15/98 gave more horsepower to better cope with the demands of all-weather coachwork on a longer chassis. Sports models were made on a shorter chassis, of which this car is an example. Approximately 150 15/98 cars were made in the two chassis lengths with various coachwork being fitted.


This car

This car has been in Christchurch for most of its life, spending a lot of that time as a disassembled project. The current owner is very keen to see the car completed, and we are nearing that end. The car is very smart in gunmetal grey, and its 2.0 litre OHC cam engine will ensure lively performance.