1934 Riley Imp

Riley’s are well known for their sporting design and performance with the Imp being one of the most desired models.  This car has everything you would expect from a 30’s British sports car and is in exceptional condition, fully equipped ready to be used.

Recently fitted with new tyres the car comes with full weather gear including both half and full tonneau covers.  The upholstery has softened nicely while the rest of the body is still in magnificent condition showing little wear after a full rebuild in our workshop 20 years ago.

The car was registered to and used by Capt. Riley in events as a demonstrator in late 1934.  It was then sold to Charles Taylor of Birmingham.

According to John Gathercole’s book on Riley Imps, Eddie Maher confirmed to Nev and Barbara Farquhar that this was what remained of the 1933 show protype which had been pushed into a corner and left until someone found a use for it.  Eventually required for an event it was specially prepared and fitted with a works competition engine.  Latter Arnold Farrar attested that the car was fitted with the racing crankshaft in an Ulster specification engine with triple plunger oil pump.

Previous owners included Bill Brindley of Wolverhampton who ran it in the Land Ends Trial in 38,39 and 46.  Other owners were Alan Cottam and Bill Hylton.  Purchased by Bruce Winder from New Zealand while on holiday in England it was brought to New Zealand and is still in family ownership.

It can be argued that this is the original show car from the 1933 October motor show.  Of course, the chassis and engine numbers and date of registration is as listed in what were Arnold Farrar’s sales records.  Here it was listed as a protype Mk2 Imp with extended body shape, but its unboxed chassis suggests and earlier date.  Its competition mechanics are accompanied by the competition chassis with front dump irons and spring mounts in line with the cross member as used on the Ulster Imps.

The 2+2 bodywork has subsequently been rebuilt into a standard Imp format.

PRICE: $250,000 NZD