Bugatti T57 Saloon

Autobody Notes

Pillarless saloon body by Galibier.

Bugatti Type 57

The Bugatti Type 57 was an entirely new design influenced by Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore. Type 57s were built from 1934 through 1940, with a total of 710 examples produced.

Type 57s used a DOHC, 3257 cc straight 8 engine with a non-detachable head and finger-type cam followers. The cams and ancillaries were driven by a gear train at the rear of the engine and some variants, including the Type 59 grand prix car, were fitted with a Roots-type supercharger.

Most of the great coachbuilders of the day built bodies on the T57 platform and some truly beautiful cars were created.

The 57 underwent considerable mechanical development during its production run with rubber engine mountings, telescopic dampers and hydraulic brakes being added.