1927 Bugatti Type 37A



Introduced in 1926, the Type 37 was the 4-cylinder 1500cc companion to the 2.0L 8-cylinder Type 35. With a simpler engine, lighter weight and a lesser price tag than the T35, the T37 found favour with many enthusiasts and privateer racers. About a year after its introduction a supercharger was listed as an option, and the Type 37A came into being. With an extra dollop of horsepower and top speed, the car was an instant success, and was renowned for its reliability. The Type 37 remained in production until 1930.


This car.


The Type 37A featured here, was converted to an independent front suspension set up early in the late 1930s. Leslie Ballamy, who made a name for himself converting Fords to IFS was responsible for the conversion. Prior to its conversion, this car was raced extensively by TP Cholmondeley Tapper in the early 1930s. The changes to the chassis, with the shorter wheel base and altered handling characteristics, are considered by most, not the equal of the original set up. The fact that only one car was converted, would support this train of thought.

Auto Restorations restored this Bugatti in 2005 in the Ballamy configuration, and the owner has campaigned the car extensively since that time. We are now in the envious position of restoring the car once again, this time to its original specification.