Meet the Team

We are very fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge within our team across all departments. Staff turnover is very low with some having been with us for over 30 years. While we have this knowledge pool, we also like to bring younger people into the team to retain these specialised skills for the future. Having such experience on board allows for projects to be discussed among the team and from this sharing we can be assured to deliver the right result for whatever period of car we are working on.


Harry Dawber

Harry started with us in 2017 as our panel apprentice he completed his panel apprenticeship in 2021. Harry grew up working on cars with his

Jason Dijkstra

Jason or Dijkstra as he is known around the shop, has been with us since 2012. He is a valued member of our panel team

Bob Sterling

Bob has served an impressive 27 years with us in our panel team. He is somewhat of the silent assassin around the shop  tinkering away

Glen Moore

Glen is our resident ‘Chippy’ so it’s only natural that this has become his nickname around the shop. He joined (pardon the pun) our Panel

Martin Brennan

Martin is the newest member to our Panel team. He started back in April and has been a great addition to the workshop! Outside of

Jason Johnston

Jason or JJ, as he’s known around the shop, has been on our panel team for 9 years as our 2IC. In his spare time

Graeme Climo

Graeme has been on our team for 35+ years. He is our Panel Foreman as well as our resident drawer/ body designer. Graeme has designed


James Agassiz

James is the newest addition to our paint team, starting in September of 2019. He is a thorough and talented addition to the paint shop.

Craig Lawrence

Craig is a trusted member of our paintshop team. He started with us back in 2012, clocking up 9 years with us and counting. In

Peter Hendriks

Peter has been with us for 13 years starting back in 2008. He is the head of our Paint department and chief route organiser of


Henry Wells

Henry is our Mechanical Apprentice, starting with us in August 2020. He came in for work experience earlier on in 2020 and we couldn’t shake

Robin Sallabanks

Robin is our Service Mechanic extraordinaire, he joined the team back in 2019 and has since turned out to be a diagnostic wizard. Robin enjoys

Brian James

Brian has been with us for 3 years and is a talented addition to our mechanical team. On his days off he enjoys racing in

Jason Cullen

Jason Cullen is fairly recent to our team starting in February of this year. Jason is on our team of talented Mechanics as well as

Dylan Orpwood

Dylan started with us back in 2016 as our Mechanical Apprentice. He completed his certificate with us and has now become a valuable member of

Neil Musk

Neil is our Mechanical Department 2IC and has been with us since 2016. Outside of work Neil can be found spending time at his bach

Craig Titheridge

Craig has been on our team of Mechanics for 8 years.  During his spare time he is involved with the New Zealand Red Cross and

Joseph McClintock

Joseph has been with us for 12 years, he is our resident Auto Electrician as well as our Mechanical Shop Foreman. In his spare time

Mark Saint Merat

Mark has been with our mechanical team for 23 years, starting back in 1998. His attention to detail and carburettor work has been a great


Simon Steffens

Simon joined our team back in 2005 clocking in 16 years with us. He is valued part of our engineering team. During his spare time

Clive Warburton

Clive has been with Auto Restorations for 34 years! Joining the team back in 1987. He is one of our very talented engineers in our

Rob Selby

Rob has been a valued member of our team for 19 years, starting back in 2002. He is our machine shop team leader and our