About Us

Auto Restorations Ltd was started in 1973 by three old-car collectors who wanted to employ an expert tradesman to do panel work on their cars. Alan Stanton was employed as a Panel Beater and set up in small premises centrally located. Soon other owners of cherished cars showed an interest in having work done and the business began to expand to meet this demand to the point where it outgrew its original site.  Today after several relocations to bigger and better premises we now have a team of 26 people dedicated keeping classics on the road.
Staff turnover is low, with several key people having worked over 20 plus years in the company with a number of others having clocked up more than 10 years service. This has resulted in a vast accumulation of collective knowledge, not only of the techniques of vehicle restoration, but also of the idiosyncrasies of the wide range of models that we have worked on over the years.

Auto Restorations has never specialised in a particular make of car and can proudly say that we have worked on most makes and models known to all and some brands that are unheard off today.

Not all our work consists of full restoration.  We are just as happy to help out any other shop that needs a hand or the general hobbyist restorer that needs a specialised part made or repaired.

 Alfa RomeosBugattisDelagesDelahayesFerraris, Maseratis and Talbot Lagos are usually represented in our workshops, but makes such as Arrol-JohnstonAston Martin, Bentley, Cadillac, Delaunay-BellevilleHispano-SuizaJaguarOSCAPackard, Pierce Arrow, Rolls Royce, Riley, Stutz, Shelby Mustang and Sunbeam have also been restored.

The international renown and recognition that Auto Restorations has earned over the years is due to the exemplary skills, talents and exacting standards of our individual employees…

Allan Wylie, General Manager 2008-2016

With 29 employees, Auto Restorations offers award-winning restoration for all classic cars, regardless of make, model or year of manufacture. The individuals in our team are true artisans, setting the highest standards of craft and workmanship. The fruits of their skill and labour speak for themselves—our restorations have earned an impressive 16 international awards from the most highly regarded Concours d’Elegance, over the last three decades.

Meet the Team

We are very fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge within our team across all departments. Staff turnover is very low with some having been with us for over 30 years. While we have this knowledge pool, we also like to bring younger people into the team to retain these specialised skills for the future. Having such experience on board allows for projects to be discussed among the team and from this sharing we can be assured to deliver the right result for whatever period of car we are working on.


George Kear

George has just started with us in 2021, replacing Michael Pidgeon in the manager’s office. In his spare time he enjoys racing his various cars

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Kate Pidgeon

Kate has been with us for 5 years starting as leave cover in 2017 before eventually coming on as a full time member of staff.

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Harry Dawber

Harry started with us in 2017 as our panel apprentice he completed his panel apprenticeship in 2021. Harry grew up working on cars with his

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Bob Sterling

Bob has served an impressive 28 years with us in our panel team. He is somewhat of the silent assassin around the shop  tinkering away

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Glen Moore

Glen is our resident ‘Chippy’ so it’s only fitting that this has become his nickname around the shop. He joined (pardon the pun) our Panel

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James Agassiz

James is the newest addition to our paint team, starting in September of 2019. He is a thorough and talented addition to the paint shop.

Craig Lawrence

Craig is a trusted member of our paintshop team. He started with us back in 2012, clocking up 10 years with us and counting. In

Peter Hendriks

Peter has been with us for an impressive 10+ years starting in May 2008. He is the head of our Paint department and chief route


Henry Wells

Henry is our Mechanical Apprentice, starting with us in August 2020. He came in for work experience earlier on in 2020 and we couldn’t shake

Robin Sallabanks

Robin is our Service Mechanic extraordinaire, he joined the team back in 2019 and has since turned out to be a diagnostic wizard. Robin enjoys

Brian James

Brian came on the scene with us back in 2019 and is a talented addition to our mechanical team. On his days off he enjoys

Jason Cullen

Jason Cullen is fairly recent to our team starting in February 2021. Jason is on our team of talented Mechanics as well as running the

Dylan Orpwood

Dylan started with us back in 2016 as our Mechanical Apprentice. He completed his certificate with us and has now become a valuable member of

Neil Musk

Neil is our Mechanical Department 2IC and has been with us since 2016. Outside of work Neil can be found spending time at his bach

Craig Titheridge

Craig has been on our team of Mechanics since 2013.  During his spare time he is involved with the New Zealand Red Cross and has

Joseph McClintock

Joseph has been with us since 2009, he is our resident Auto Electrician as well as our Mechanical Shop Foreman. In his spare time he


Simon Steffens

Simon joined our team back in 2005 clocking in 17 years with us. He is valued part of our engineering team. During his spare time

Clive Warburton

Clive has been with Auto Restorations since 1987 clocking up an impressive 35 years! He is one of our very talented engineers in our machine

Rob Selby

Rob has been a valued member of our team for 20 years, starting back in 2002. He is our machine shop team leader and our